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gameplay video up!

It wont run for me :CCCC

it keeps saying this :   

the application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000022). click ok to close application "

aw whut no :( That sounds like something weird on your pc...?

Very fun game indeed. Game starts at 11:05.

Thanks for playing it, loved the sing-along start :D

You're the BEST!!

Gotta post this video review by psychicparrot!

Очень добрая и красивая игра 

Обзор тут

большое спасибо

(I hope that's right!)

I love it! It's a lovely arcade game :)

Thanks so much, means a lot that you're enjoying it :D


I'm glad I found this game! It's such a cute way to pass the time!

Ah thanks it means so much to the team!


i need this ost shits fire


I’ll share the link once I’m back in the office!

Sorry to say the license for the music isn't ours to sell, but you can listen to it here: :D


Im so glad i randomly found this game lol! had a lot of fun playing it. can't wait to see it finished

Aw thanks! We’re excited that you’re enjoying it and are keeping our beaks crossed that we can finish it up!