A downloadable game

Fight together with 4 players and try to escape Blast Island!

By Day: Scavenge for Resources to build the Escape Teleporter!

At Night: Fend off hordes of vicious enemies! Some are rapid fast, with others being able to revive from the dead if you're not careful of their nefarious tricks.

You'll need Ammo, Weapons & Tools. Each tool holds has a unique role, only being able to mine for a specific resource. 

Choose where to spend your Resources carefully - every morning the world is remixed, and enemies get tougher!

Can YOU escape Blast Island?!

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Creative Director
Andrew Smith

Tech Director
Andrew Roper

Junior Programmer
Alina Qureshi
Amelia Liggins

Senior Designer
Steve Hatchard

Associate Producer
Danielle Allum

Quality Assurance
Anthony Langston

Community Manager
Kieran Franklyn

Ben Harper

Audio Intern
Zhanhe Guo



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