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Lagoon is a calm, relaxing, wholesome game that lets you take a slower approach to gaming - it's easy to pick up and play!

With simple and rewarding mechanics you can unwind on your peaceful island hideaway and enjoy the story of an ace fighter pilot shot down over a Lagoon.

While waiting for the delivery of parts to fix your plane you must fish to survive and pass the time as well as periodically talk to comrades over the radio.

This project was created by an amazingly talented team of third-year students at Abertay University, by the name of Flying Fish!

The game was built as a response to a game brief and regular development feedback written by us here at Spilt Milk Studios.

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Supported platforms:
Lagoon is playable on PC - it only supports controller. 


Concept, Publisher & Client Brief

Spilt Milk Studios

Lead/Technical Artist
Mike De’Placido

3D/UI Artist
Sonia Jarosz

Character Artist/Animation
Callum Degabriele

3D Artist
Amy Helen McDaid

Design Team Lead
Ross Wilson

William Deighton

Gameplay Programmer
Hugh Tyson

Tools Programmer
Tomas Hudak

QA Testers
Curtis Long
Alex McKay
Rhiannon Nash

Gina Loughlin: Edinburgh University, 
Sound Effects:


Graph Node (conversation)


Lagoon.zip 194 MB

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