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The Earth is covered in rubbish, humanity has abandoned civilization, and animals are running rampant across the globe!

And so, it's up to you, the player, to solve the pollution crisis for animal-kind so the world can begin anew. Traverse natural wonders, clean up any man-made trash and log as many animals as possible, all while playing as an animal yourself!

Built by an amazing team of third years students at Abertay University, to an industry brief written by us (Spilt Milk Studios) - inspired by Katamari Damacy combined with a need to save the world - and built using Anything.World's amazing tech!

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Supported platforms:

PC with Xbox One and PS4 Controller Support


Publisher & Client Brief
Spilt Milk Studios

3D Tooling

Erika Baunach
Lorenzo Dragon

Game Design
Adam Lyons
Erika Baunach
Lorenzo Dragoni

2D Concept Art
Lili Wissenbach
Oliwia Szmyd

UI/UX Design
Lili Wissenbach
Lorenzo Dragoni

3D Art
Adam Lyons
Erika Baunach
Nikki Dixon

Technical Art
Erika Baunach
Oliwia Szmyd 

Oliwia Szmyd

Ciaran McLaren
Kieron Hunter

Sound Design & Voice Acting
Nikki Dixon

Academic Project Mentoring
Robin Griffiths

Advising AW Staff

Freya Brightwater
Gordon Midwood

3rd Party Works
Background Music - Bensounds.com 
Copyright Free SFX - Freesound.org

Rated 2.5 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorSpilt Milk Studios
GenrePuzzle, Action
TagsAnimals, Casual, Cats, chaotic, Cute, Singleplayer, Third Person, wholesome


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Development log


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I’m excited to see a project that takes on inspiration from Katamari Damacy! That being said, my experience was a mixed bag, leaning more toward negative. A positive thing first: The ball rolling mechanic works well and it’s impressive to see the ball get bigger the more objects you absorb.

That being said, here’s my feedback:

-Moving around is sluggish. Having to push the ball around in addition to controlling a separate character kills the pace of the game a lot. It’s difficult to get around the map because of this.

-It’s nice that there’s different tools to use, but I feel they didn’t add anything to the experience. If anything, having to run separately to catch animals could have been avoided if you could just roll the animals up with your ball. (Would make for a more dynamic experience since the animals could move around compared to the stationary objects.) I also didn’t understand how the third tool worked at all, I think it’s bait for the animals?

-I hope this next piece of feedback isn’t too harsh but I feel this game lacks a lot of charm and personality. Picking up objects feels lifeless. Having to listen to a paper crumpling sound when you walk around gets aggravating. A bit more polish in the art direction, effect design, and sound/music design could have improved the experience greatly. 

-I also ran into a bug where my tools stopped working, so I wasn’t able to catch all the animals.

I want to emphasize that it’s impressive that this game works and functions as well as it does. That’s no easy feat and it’s way more impressive than anything I or most people could do. I hope all this feedback is constructive and helps better this game or any other project you all work on in the future!