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Project Wulves: Cantebrigge Edition is an action-adventure game where you play as a lone warrior. You must make your way through the outskirts of a besieged settlement, defeating enemies and bosses to collect energy to power your magical skills and turn the tide of battle.

Dynamic combo-based combat and dodging makes the game fun for experienced players and the difficulty settings allow inexperienced gamers to enjoy it too!

A wide range of enemies lay in wait to challenge your skills, and there's a huge map to explore as you try to defeat the undead army.

This project was created by an amazing talented team of third year students at Anglia Ruskin University!

The game was built as a response to a game brief and regular development feedback written by us here at Spilt Milk Studios.

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Supported platforms:

Project Wulves is playable on PC - it only supports controller.


Concept, Publisher & Client Brief
Spilt Milk Studios

Project Lead
Stefan Tomov

Technical Lead
Matt Stageman

Production Assistant
Ed Cambrini

Brandon Dines
Ed Newton
Gideon Polkinghotne
Marco Vincenzi
Mark Burfoot
Patric Ardagh-Walter

Environment Team
Sawyer Allan
Hasan Ildeniz
Luke Sams
Ana Christina

Character Team
Abdul Khan
Mafalda Covoes

Concept Art
Margaret Michalik
Jack Rushtheford

Greg Carter

Brandon Calleja
Margaret Michalik
Stefan Tomov


Project Wulves Cantebrigge Edition.zip 273 MB

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