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Putt your pug to success in this epic game of Pug Golf! Jump, shrink, and boost your way through 9 holes using the crazy power-ups. 

Whether you're a casual gamer who wants a relaxing experience, or a seasoned pro at games like 'Golf with Your Friends', Pug Golf offers something new - be it the power-ups or the Super Monkey Ball style movement at the end of your golf swings.

This project was created by an amazing talented team of third year students at Abertay University with a game brief and regular development feedback written by us here at Spilt Milk Studios.

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Supported platforms:
Pug Golf is playable on PC - it supports both controller and keyboard controls.


Concept, Publisher & Client Brief
Spilt Milk Studios

Ryan Beattie

Level Designer
Paolo Costantini

Team Leader/Sound Designer
Jack Lawson

Lewis Pyke

Robert Walker

3D Character Artist/Concept Artist
Kelsey Dawidowski

Menu/Icon Artist/Concept Artist
Amy Lowe

3D Environment Artist
Erin McRitchie


Pug_Golf_Executable.zip 106 MB


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fun game

Thanks for giving it a play, we're glad you enjoyed it!